Broadway June 24, 2013
Oxford Road April 10, 2012

Manchester Histories – a #histonauts2 journal @mcrhistfest

March 5, 2012



Recently I’ve been drawn to the sweets spot where fantasy and reality meet – where better than in game? I’ve lived and worked in manchester over half my life now but never really fully explored its history in any depth. Over the past week or so, however, as a Histonaut, playing a game at the Manchester […]

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From #lifeinaday to #britaininaday

November 4, 2011



I just re-watched the crowdsourced documentary, Life in A day, on BBC2 which captures a day in the life of people around the globe. The narrative has been structured around a 24 hour time frame and in a way, there are synergies with how we structured ‘Oxford Road’. For me, it was the most meaningful way to edit the film and show a journey along the road and to capture over time, the changing nature of the people who frequent it and their movement along it.

Citizen Archiving :)

July 2, 2011



This morning we came across a great @mcrarchives mapping manchester project via @foodiesarah which is encouraging people to collectively map manchester’s history by adding historical photos to a map of Manchester. This caused us to return to look at the public Oxford Road flickr map that we set up a while back . We joyfully discovered that people have […]

The Archive Storyboard

June 15, 2011



To storyboard the film to help us shoot and edit the film, we returned to the Archive+ and the amazing Local Image Collection. Through these sources, we were able to lay down in photographs the strip of Oxford Road featured in the film. This was a really interesting process where photos were mixed up chronologically […]

3am to 4am

June 13, 2011



A strong smell of marijuana overwhelms us as people flag down taxis or ask where the cash machines are before heading in the opposite direction. Work men in fluorescent gear walk across the railway bridge, one with a headlamp on, inspecting the tracks. Rubbish piles up, bins overflow and pigeons swoop in on the spoils. […]

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