15:00 – Film Experiment no.1:

Posted on February 5, 2011 by


Oxford-Road: 15:00

For our first filmed experiment, the aim is to capture a moment at each hour over a period of 24 hours along Oxford Road. To achieve this we have filmed the route in one take using a Canon FX305 from our starting point on the bridge over the Rochdale Canal on Oxford Street then along Oxford Road to the finishing point where Oxford Road meets York Street. This filmed walk took roughly 7 mins and enabled us to work out which part of the walk corresponds to which hour using a 24 hour clock and starting at 24:00h (midnight) on Oxford Street and ending on 23:00 at the finish point.

Drawing out the idea for the timeline walk
To help pick up where we’ve left off from one hour to the next (we don’t intend to film it over 24 hours!) , We’ve added each hour to the original video and uploaded the film to an iPhone so we can refer to the phone for positioning and repositioning the camera. In the first photo for this post you can see that 15.00h is just outside the BBC. I can include the segment filmed at 15.00 (the time at which we did the walk) to include in the final film.

No idea how it will turn out but it feels like a great opportunity to investigate a life in a day along Oxford Road.