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I’ve shot footage along Oxford Road for the last 3 months using anything that comes to hand, including an iPhone, Flip HD, Nikon D90, Canon 305 and Panasonic AF101. It’s the 101 that I’ve purchased and now using for most footage. Oxford Road has proved a good project in which to really get to know the camera and raise technical questions on how to get all the shots I want.

I chose to buy the AF101 for a few key reasons; I can change the lenses, it’s HD, it’s tapeless, it’s light and portable and it was in my budget. Since shooting Cote D’Azur last year using a DSR450, I’ve really appreciated interchangeable lenses on a camera. The aim now is to invest in Canon lenses and maybe a Zeiss lens, but while I’m waiting for the Birger lens mount I’ve hired a set of Lumix lenses from