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Something that we’ve always found curious is that people with a protest come and hold them outside BBC Manchester on Oxford Road. It’s as if people are protesting there in the hope that their protests will be picked up and broadcast around the world. I wonder what will happen when the BBC moves – will they take their protests to Salford and Media City? Recently there have been many protests, as well as marches along the street, as many middle eastern countries are rebelling against their leaders and in the UK people are demonstrating against budget cuts which are affecting the poorest and most vulnerable in society. Students have also been marching against the rise in University fees. We’ve captured a few on video and camera and are hoping to feature some in the final film as a snapshot of this particular time in history and the visibility of middle eastern residents, sharing their protests, pain and also celebrations, in the case of Egypt.

A few months back we wandered out around Manchester and joined a march from Oxford Road along to Deansgate.  The police quite frighteningly surrounded what appeared to be a peaceful protest, hemming protesters in with vans, policemen on horses and barracades. We were given the option by the Police to join the isolated people hemmed in by police in riot gear or to turn and leave. We opted for the latter but tweeted pictures for people to see what was happening.

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