3am to 4am

Posted on June 13, 2011 by


A strong smell of marijuana overwhelms us as people flag down taxis or ask where the cash machines are before heading in the opposite direction. Work men in fluorescent gear walk across the railway bridge, one with a headlamp on, inspecting the tracks. Rubbish piles up, bins overflow and pigeons swoop in on the spoils. Drunken or sober, lone men wander home. Several gay couples head to their hotel. Three men chant before they part ‘nice to see you… nice!’. Enjoying the camaraderie they decide to say it again, this time, louder and with shimmering hand signals.  One of the guy’s lies on the floor – ‘so, when we going out again?’. These are the missing snapshots for our film conveying the early hours, before night turns to dawn and another day begins.

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