The Archive Storyboard

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To storyboard the film to help us shoot and edit the film, we returned to the Archive+ and the amazing Local Image Collection. Through these sources, we were able to lay down in photographs the strip of Oxford Road featured in the film.

This was a really interesting process where photos were mixed up chronologically but roughly in order locatively. Comparing this timeline, to what we currently see we learned about what has changed historically in terms of the architecture, buildings and activities along Oxford Road. For instance, a fruit and veg stall used to trade outside The Cornerhouse, and the newsagent next to the railway bridge used to be a surgical store, and BSM (British School of Motoring) has resided on the corner of Oxford Road and Hulme Street for a very long time.


BSM Store, lower centre photo


BSM Inside

Only by looking at the storyboard did the significance of BSM appear; which existed before BBC Manchester; the company have recently moved out of the premises and by capturing the empty shop and referring back to the archive, we have captured a moment of change. This is an example of what we wanted to signify for both BBC and Cornerhouse buildings too – we have captured them when they are being used – and soon we know they will be empty – we can muse perhaps what the impact of those closures will be to life on the street. Looking at the archive photographs has thrown up this new phase to the BSM on Oxford Road. What will happen to it next?

Veg Stall by Oxford Road Station and Cornerhouse

Fruit and Veg Stall, lower right photo

Oxford Surgical Store

Oxford Surgical Store

By working with these photos and the storyboard, it shaped the story of the film and also our memory and knowledge of the street. As a future phase to the project (experiment no. 3) we want to combine, recall, evoke these memories so that others can also experience these place narratives and create new meaning at the interface of evoking the past, present and future by walking down the street. Hopefully there might be some people who have witnessed the past and can comeback to share their stories with us.