Souvenir, Sunday Night, Monday Morning, NYC

Posted on June 24, 2013 by


How can you know a city?  How can you take a piece of the city home with you? This is the question we asked ourselves in New York.

And, we’ve decided to do an Oxford Road style experiment to try and capture an inkling of the grid layout of Manhattan. We are staying right in the heart, in the surreal horror of it. You get caught up in it and can rarely see beyond the tall buildings that anticipate your every turn. So – to make sense of where we are – lets make a movie souvenir…

We hope this small film will present a way of seeing the city as a pedestrian in this huge, unreal place.

Our experiment might be reminiscent of Mike Figgis’s Time Code.

So we are going to walk the four sides of a block and shoot what we see.

Then we will edit it together and see what happens. The grid is the starting point and the film, our souvenir.